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The GripAZip secures your luggage and gives travelers peace-of-mind.

So, you’ve just gotten off the red eye and you’re headed toward the baggage claim. As you’re standing with your fellow passengers at the carousel, you finally see your faithful bag drop down the chute (and this is after you’ve fought your way over to snag one that  apparently is your bag’s identical twin and whose rightful owner is extremely annoyed by what he perceives is your attempt to make off with his luggage). Wait a minute—that can’t be how you left the zipper on your bag. And it’s not. Someone has had their ugly mitts on and in your bag, and there’s no telling what’s missing.

That's why GizmoWidget created the GripAZip —to make travel easier and to give you a just a little bit more peace-of-mind.

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After a hard day of traveling, the last thing you need is some baboon pawing through your luggage.