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There were 744 million travelers in 2013 and 850 million in 2014. We founded Gizmo Widget to create and develop products that would help these everyday travelers with their luggage security. In 2014 we filed for and were granted incorporation status with the State of Georgia and we have three pending United States Patents and Trade Office patents on our various products. Our products are made in the USA from USA-manufactured materials. We take a lot of pride in our products and strive to operate with the highest level of integrity.

Mission Statement

Our purpose and primary goal is to always inspire our customers. We do this so that hopefully, our customers will be inspired to tell others about the quality of our products and their outstanding customer service experience.

Our long-term strategy is to build on core values that include a commitment to:

  • Create the vision to deliver on customers' challenges for innovative products. 
  • Be and stay in touch with our customers' "reality" with exceptional  customer service.
  • Give back to communities and organizations some of the blessings from which the company has benefited.​