​Prevents Disappearing Luggage:

Un-removable ID holder keeps your contact info so you can be contacted if bag is mishandled.

A how-to-use video.

Saves Time:

​At Baggage Claim by make luggage easy to see so...    SEE, GRAB & GO

Some Additional Information

This product works only for airport  application.

​Product benefits and solution video.

Solution 1


The durable Grip-A-Zip is a simple, easy-to-use accessory that helps discourage and deter would-be baggage thieves. It uses high-density, woven-poly threading and is heat-cut to prevent fraying and double-stitched to ensure strength, endurance and longevity.

Solution 2

​Most common coil-type suitcase zips can be easily breached by the insertion of a ball-point pen or similar tool into the zip chain.

Problem 1

  • Luggage zippers zip together near luggage handle to receive Grip-A-Zip.

  • Grip-A-Zip opens between the grommets and slides under luggage handle.

  • Grip-A-Zip wraps over the luggage handle. Then theTSA-accepted lock cable is guided through Grip-A-Zip grommets and luggage zipper eyelets. Then, the TSA-accepted lock can be locked.

  • Grip-A-Zip ID business card flap holds your information.

This is bad when items are stolen. It is horrific if you are officially detained because of  items added to your bag.

Problem 2


Deters Theft:

Thieves pick easier prey

Problem 3